About Me



I was born in Enfield UK, but raised in London, Ontario and Komoka, Ontario. I earned my BFA from Western University.

I’ve exhibited, sold and published my work internationally.

I work in two public libraries, otherwise I make images and things.

My first love has always been drawing; more specifically, the action of dragging a drawing medium across the tooth of a sheet of paper. Drawing is both a verb and a noun. The action of drawing is the pushing and pulling of the medium across a surface. The resulting drawing is a record of the mark making.

I have a line of paper toys and packaging that I’ve designed and sell in my Etsy shop. Paper craft has been a passion of mine, ever since my brother brought home some paper “dittos” of geometric shapes that could be cut, glued and assembled. I would trace the outlines and make new ones. I was often to be found in my room, making finger puppets and dolls out of paper.

I use a computer to design my paper things, but when it comes to sculpture, my approach is decidedly low-tech. As often as possible, I use recycled and re-purposed materials that also come from the past. I also use old technologies and these things link to the feel of past experiences. It’s a bit like making things retroactively. I also enjoy collaging with paper and I apply the same principles to collage. There is a joy to finding a scrap of candy wrapper, old paper ephemera, or a knob from a broken kitchen utensil, and seeing it enhance something I have made.

Gabrielle Nowicki, 2018